Toyota Rims

- $99.95 per rim

Floor Liners
one set for
2008 Ford Ranger
- only $99.99
reg. $134.99

Utility Trailer

- only $1424.95
(tires not included)

Commerical Shelving

10' High x 18'-21' Long.
12" & 24" Wide available
- Inquire for price

Hood Deflector

fits 2006 F150
- $40.00

Timbren Kit

fits 2005 Dodge Dakota
- $229.99
reg. $299.99

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Is changing your engine oil every 5000 kms a rip-off? Absolutely not! We don't recommend oil changes every 5000kms because we like doing them, but because vehicles that have been serviced regularly are more reliable than those that haven't. Oil changes prevent plugged oil passages or oil pump inlet screens, lifter or other engine noises, stuck piston rings, loss of oil pressure, premature engine wear or failure. These are all symptoms of extended oil changes.

Engine oil cleans your engine and carries away worn metal, dirt and moisture. These materials increase friction on parts and seals and cause seals and gaskets to harden. The extra cost of changing your oil every 5,000 kms pales in comparison to engine repair. Changing the oil in a vehicle is the easiest, most cost-effective insurance against lubricant-related engine damage.

New Service... Value added oil changes. Same great price, more great service!

Now Available...Fully Synthetic Oil changes!* Only $59.95 Dexos Approved!
*required for warranty on all 2010 and newer GM's

Undercoating protects the vehicle's undercarriage, the most vulnerable spot. Unlike visible portions of the car the undercarriage doesn't get washed regularly but does absorb most of the moisture, salt, and grime and other substances you come into contact with as you drive. Have you had your vehicle undercoated lately???

Undercoating Considerations... Even if you get a new car with undercoating, keep in mind that undercoating wears off and ceases to be a benefit within as little as one year. Worn, patchy undercoating can be a detriment as water and other elements can get trapped under the coat, further eroding the metal.

Undercoating Service... Only $149.99


Get your car cleaned inside and out at Highlift Auto.

Gift certificates available.

Call us at 506.328.8822 or Email us to make an appointment.

Sign up for our MVI reminder service today!
Call us at 506.328.8822 or Email us

NB Law states Motor Vehicle Inspections are required to ensure that all motor vehicles meet required safety standards. All passenger cars and trucks require an annual inspection. Taxis and buses are inspected twice a year. Regular inspections encourage vehicle safety by checking key equipment such as brakes and steering, so that critical maintenance issues may be addressed.

Mechanic's responsibilities...
Listed below are the parts of a vehicle that should be inspected by the mechanic during an inspection on a passenger vehicle:

Price for all vehicles is $25.00*
*Prices vary for trailers and RV's

Carleton County's #1 Clarion Dealer

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Highlift Auto Service Sells and Installs Tires. Stop by and talk with our staff to se what Kind of tires will work best for you.

Click on One of The Questions below or scroll down to review them all. If you can't find your answer here, email us your question and we will be happy to help.


Do I need winter tires?

Won't All-Season Tires Work Fine?

What do the numbers on my tire mean?

Should I have 2 winter tires or 4?

Aren't Winter Tires Expensive?

When do I need to take off my Studded Winter Tires?

Do I need winter tires? The quick answer is yes. Only winter tires are designed to excel in the colder temperatures, slush, snow and ice that many parts of the country experience for three or more months a year. It's also important to note that the recent advancements in electronic driver aids, such as ABS and traction control don't provide more traction. They only help prevent drivers from over braking or overpowering the available traction of their tires. The only thing the driver can do to increase actually get more grip and control... is install better tires.

Won't All-Season Tires Work Fine? By design, all-season tires are a compromise intended to provide acceptable traits under a wide variety of conditions. However, that prevents the tire from being a master of any one of them. The all-season tire tread and material are designed to provide extended mileages and durability under the summer's sun but are less effective in winter's freezing temperatures, snow and ice. Should I have studded tires? Your choice of studded or studless winter tires depends on your needs. Both alternatives are wear-resistant and have superb driving qualities. By knowing their special characteristics, you can choose the type of tire that best matches your needs. Studded tires work best when driving on icy winter roads. If you are traveling out of province, you need to check regulations as to whether you are allowed to drive with studded tires. In this case, the studless winter tires would be best for you.

What do the numbers on my tire mean? Most tires have a set of three numbers on the sidewall (ie: 235/65/R17). These numbers will tell you the size of your tire. Each of these numbers tell you something different about your tire size. The first number is the distance across the tread in millimeter.(ie: 235 mm across) The middle number is a percentage of the tread width which represents the sidewall height. (Ie: 65% of 235) The final number is the rim diameter in inches.

Should I have 2 winter tires or 4? We recommend four winter tires be used on rear wheel, front wheel or four wheel drive vehicles. This is because if you use two different types of tires on your vehicle, you'll have a vehicle with a "split" personality. One end of the vehicle won't react and perform the same as the other in the winter conditions you are going to encounter. In emergency situations you will find that your vehicle will probably under steer in one condition and over steer in another.

Aren't Winter Tires Expensive? Winter tires and wheels may be one of the most economical purchases you can make. Using winter tires will extend the life of your summer tires. The summer tires won't "wear out" sitting in the garage or basement while the winter tires and wheels are on the vehicle. Using winter wheels will protect original equipment or aftermarket alloy wheels from the harsh realities of winter.

When do I need to take off my Studded Winter Tires?
The RCMP would like to remind motorists that starting May 1st you can no longer have studded tires on your vehicle in the Province of New Brunswick. Under section 241(3)of the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with studded tires and that offense carries a penalty of $ 172.50. It can also be very dangerous to be driving with studded tires when there is no ice because they can cause skidding. Therefore, please ensure to make the proper modifications to your vehicle by May 1st.

We sell and Install Towing & Hitch Systems By Draw-Tite, HIddenHitch and Reese.

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>We Sell and Install Car & Truck Accessories.

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We Proudly Sell and Install Canadian Manufactured Autostarts.

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Do you have a new driver in the house? Not sure how to change a flat tire? Questions about how your vehicle works? All these questions and more get answers at Highlift Auto Service’s Car Care Clinic. Let Mark answer all your car care questions. Call 506.328.8822 today to register.

To view our Car Care Clinic Handbook click on the logo below.

To view The Bugle-Observer's story on our Car Care Clinic
click on the news clipping image below.

Back to Basics

Businesses team up to teach new drivers basic car care

By Bryan Tait

It's a sight you may know all too well. One of those little red or yellow lights on your car's dashboard flickers to life, telling you to "check engine" or "oil pres-sure low."

No problem, right? You'll just pop the hood, and check the oil.

Now if only you could find the dipstick.

Finding the oil dipstick doesn't sound too difficult, but if you're a new driver it might be something you've never had to-deal with.

Enter Highlift Auto.

Owner Mark Culberson has teamed up with Lynn's Driver's Education and Connell Chrysler to help new drivers learn some basic car care.

"It's the basics," Culberson said. "This is aimed at kids getting into driving."

Culberson said it's important for younger drivers to know what to do when one of those dreaded warning lights comes on.

"They don't know what light means what," he said. "You'll have one that says 'service engine: there's a 'service vehicle soon; and a 'check engine' light so there's three that almost sound all the same but they all mean different things.

Culberson said ifs a matter of drivers knowing to shut the car off and check certain things, leading to a $20 repair. "If they don't, you may spend several thousand dollars to get it fixed."

Culberson emphasizes reading the owner's manual for your vehicle, new or used.

"If you buy used and there's none in the glove box, go get one," he said. "You can buy them, go to the dealer."

Culberson said the manual offers information on everything from how often to service the vehicle, to where to check for the various fluids.

"It's a real good information system."

The sessions are held at Highlift Auto's garage in Jacksonville, and the vehicles are provided by Connell Chrysler.

Culberson has already held one session and gave an example of the things people think they know but really don't.

He had a group of seven, with about half saying they knew how to check the oil. Culberson told them to pull the dipstick and check the levels.

"He didn't realize it, he had the transmission fluid dipstick," Culberson said.

Culberson gave the teen the manual be the car.

"Here's the book, it'll tell you where the dipstick is for the oil."

Culberson said he can't teach people how to check oil on every make and model. "But I can tell them how to find the information/"

Students are given a small manual before the clinic, highlighting some of the basics.

"What you are about to learn may sound simple but is very important if you are going to be driving," the introduction reads.

The manual explains what the various gauges and warning lights on the dashboard mean. It also includes information on how to check things like the oil or brake fluid.

The manual includes helpful hints on things like under-inflated tires what to do when your car overheats.

It even offers a list of what needs to be done to a car from winter to summer, and vice versa.

The manual is free to all participants.

Culberson told the first group of students they could call him any time during business hours to ask a question.

The next course for driving students is March 16, and Culberson plans to open up to the public in the future.

"We will be offering one to the public, date to be determined."

Culberson said spots in the public session will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Because I like the quick service from good honest people. You know that if they say so then it will be fixed and no scams. It is difficult to find honest people today that you know that you can trust with your vehicle.
~ Joan Derrah

I like the trust I have in the mechanics there and the service is great, they never steer you wrong, they are always willing to help and keep my car serviced. Thanks guys.
~ Amanda King

If u are looking for a place where you can drop off your vehicle and get no surprises when u pick it up, Highlift is the place to go. If there is a concern about your vehicle while they are working on it, you will be getting a call. Always ask for forgiveness first, not after!!!
~ Emily Clark

Highlift is the first auto service location that I've been to where the mechanic comes right out and talks to you about your car. Any other place I've been – I always have to talk to salespeople who talk down to me and assume I know nothing about cars. Mark always treats me with respect, and never tries to sell me anything I don't need. I am a loyal customer.
~ Sarah Pelletier

I wanted a remote start installed and was told Highlift was the best place around to have it done and done right... they were right! Great job guys. Thanks!!
~ David Briggs

I found Highlift when I moved to Woodstock 6 ½ years ago. Mark is awesome and I continue to trust his work. Never had a problem with any work that I have had done. Also Lloyd makes everyone feel so welcome when we arrive, feels like a great family place.
~ Charlene Brown

My wife had you install a car starter 12 years ago and has it put in 3 different cars since and has had no problems with it since it was installed by Highlift. Good work boys
~ John Caines

I choose Highlift Auto Service for the trust worthy people and knowledge of products that they service.
~ Sabrina Shaw

We choose Highlift Auto Service because or the excellent, friendly service. The entire staff are helpful and reliable.
~ Marilyn Sarchfield

I choose Highlift Auto Service because I get honest work done plus Highlift Auto Service has the friendliest staff around
~ Sterling Carpenter

Honesty, Integrity, Good Service, Hot Coffee, Lloyd's Stories, Intuitive, Fair Prices,
Thank you
~ Suzan Carsley

Knowledgeable and friendly staff
~ Ed Kearney

good honest people with great service
~ Joan Derrah

I've had 4 starters from Highlift Auto Service, can't imagine winter without them.
~ Joanne Hodgson

Highlift Single Axle Utility Trailer
I purchased my trailer in the summer of 2008. I recognized immediately it was what I was looking for. I was impressed with the heavy-duty frame, undercarriage and tires as well as the high clearance underneath. The roughest treatmen it gets is in my woodlot. I haul wood from the stump site with a tractor to the roadside. From there, I haul it on the highway with my truck. Solid construction make it good for the woods operation and the good suspension and balance make a perfect highway trailer. I have hauled a rounded up load of green maple which is just over one-half cord. With the trailer having a 3500 pound capacity, there are several hundred pounds to spare. It handles rough terrain well and is excellent on the highway. I also transport my Honda ATV with it. The trailer is so balanced and easily handles, that I can tow it with my ATV as well. After I purchased it, I let it dry in a barn for a few weeks then soaked the wood several times with a good deck type water repellant. A Great Little Trailer!
~ Wilfred Patterson

Buying a Used Car
Buying a used car is a difficult decision. Having a reliable advisor makes the choise easier. Knowing Mark Culberson's integrity and knowledge, he was the logical person to turn to when I wanted a second opinion about a car I was thinking of purchasing. I called Highlift Auto, and within a half hour, he had my potential car on the hoist and was pointing out a few areas to consider. Armed with this knowledge, I saved $200 when I bought the car. I feel very satisfied with my new-to-me car and very pleased with the customer service at Highlift Auto.
~ Joan Mitchell

To view The Bugle-Observer's letter to the Editor testimonial
click on the news clipping image below.

Stranded visitor finds a friend in Woodstock businessman

Dear Editor,
I'd like totake a moment to recognize the superior customer service I received from Mark Culberson at Highlift Auto Service at 525 Main St. in Woodstock NB on Friday July 21.

Our 1979 GMC motorhome suffered from a failed fuel pump at 5:30 p.m. on our way back to Ottawa. My wife and two children were with me as we limped the RV into town from the highway. After parking the motorhome on Main Street in Woodstock, I sprinted down the street to find a part. However the two parts stores I passed were already closed for the weekend.

I ran a bit further and found that Highlift was still open, but closing up for the day. I spoke briefly with Mark about my stranded RV and our tight travel requirements;' On the spot he called in a favour from his suppliers and found me a fuel pump for our vintage machine. He also rearranged his evening plans with his young family and spent two strenuous hours fixing our machine for us. During this whole process, Mark was pleasant and helpful and the epitome of customer service in my opinion. He had us back on the road before dark, and only charged us his normal repair rates. Outstanding!

Due to Mark's exceptional efforts, we were able to continue on home and meet our commitments. I truly appreciate his commitment to his profession and to his customers. Your town is lucky to have a businessperson like Mark.

Thanks for your time.
Dave Watchorn,
North Gower, Ont.

Click on One of our Expert Tips or Frequently Asked Questions or scroll down to review them all. If you can't find your answer here, email us your question and we will be happy to help.


Go easy when you’re stuck

Let floor mats take winter’s beating

Fill with washer fluid only

Check Tires for uneven wear


My owner’s manual recommends oil changes every 8,000kms,
why do you recommend every 5,000kms?

How do I know what my tire pressure should be?

My check engine light is coming on.
How do I know what is wrong?

Should I be using conventional oil or synthetic?

What is a cabin air filter and why do I need it?


Go easy when you’re stuck
When stuck in mud or snow, don’t make the problem worse by damaging an expensive component. Gently rocking in an attempt to free the car is fine. But if it looks as though you’re really stuck, don’t keep at it. Throwing your car from forward to reverse repeatedly, as well as spinning tires at high speeds, can generate lots of heat and spell trouble for transmissions, clutches, and differentials. It may be cheaper in the long run to call the tow truck rather than risk big repair bills down the road. It’s a good idea to carry a traction aid in the trunk, such as sand, gravel, or cat litter.

Let floor mats take winter’s beating
Use floor mats to protect carpeting. The best type for controlling salt, slush, and mud in winter is the Weathertech Floorliners. They are made for your vehicle, don’t allow the water to seep through, and are easy to wash clean.

Fill with washer fluid only
Don’t add water to the windshield washer reservoir. It won’t clean as well as washer fluid, and it may freeze in cold weather and damage the system. Don’t try to run your windshield washer system once you suspect there’s no more fluid in the tank, or you may damage the washer fluid pump. Check for uneven wear
Check tires for uneven wear. If you’ve maintained tire inflation properly, uneven wear may indicate the need for a wheel realignment. It can also mean improperly operating brakes or shocks, a bent wheel, internal tire damage, or worn bushings.


Q My owner’s manual recommends oil changes every 8,000kms, why do you recommend every 5,000kms?
A While the vehicle manufacturers are recommending increasing the intervals between oil changes, the fact remains — frequent changes flush abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine. If you tow a vehicle, do a lot of start and stop driving, or drive in dusty conditions it’s best to stick with the 5,000 km/3month oil change. This is the easiest and least expensive way to maintain your engine.

Q How do I know what my tire pressure should be?
A Improperly inflated tires create excessive heat and stress that can lead to tire failure. If you want to get every last mile out of your tires, get a tire pressure gauge and use it at least once a month. Check tires when they are cold (driven for less than one mile) for an accurate reading. You can find what your proper tire pressure is looking at your tire, it is stamped on the sidewall or you can check your owner’s manual.

Q My check engine light is coming on. How do I know what is wrong?
A The check engine light is the computer telling you that it has recognized a problem with one of it’s sensors. You should bring the vehicle in for a diagnostic check as soon as possible. A diagnostic check will tell us where the problem is.

Q Should I be using conventional oil or synthetic?
A All GM vehicles (2010 or newer) must have synthetic oil to maintain warranty. We use Dexros Oil which has been approved by General Motors for use in all GM’s.

Q What is a cabin air filter and why do I need it?
A A cabin air filter cleans the air that you breathe, taking out all the pollutants and allergens that are in the air. If you own a vehicle that is a 2000 model or newer chances are that it is equipped with an air filter. Not sure if your vehicle has a cabin air filter, check your owner’s manual.

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